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9:30 Sunday School
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7:00 Bible Study


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        Celebrating 81 Years Of Ministry         

                 To God Be The Glory                

Larchmont Church of God has been located at 3134 Taylor Blvd. on the south side of Louisville since 1938.  The founding pastor was W. T. Wallace, and all together there have been ten pastors.  Larchmont is affiliated with the Church of God with general offices in Anderson, IN.  The Church of God emphasizes biblical unity and personal holiness.  It believes that God's church is made up of true Christians everywhere and that Christians are to live holy, Christ-centered lives.  It is evangelical, non-denominational, and non-Pentecostal.  It also believes that each congregation is locally autonomous. 




3134 Taylor Boulevard | Louisville, KY 40215 | (502) 361-1329

Pastor: Justin Ratliff
Secretary: Shirley Campbell