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This Weeks' Message:

April 19th: “Overcoming Addiction”

Read: Ephesians 5:18.  Please join us at 10:45 AM.

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Spiritual Healing – Part 2


           A great passage in the Gospels that emphasizes the importance of spiritual healing is found in Mark 2.1-12.  This is the occasion when four men dug through the roof of a house in Capernaum where Jesus was teaching a large crowd.  These men brought a paralytic to Jesus on a mat, but they couldn’t get through the crowd to see Jesus.  They could have given up, but they didn’t.  They decided to go up to the roof and dig through and then lower the mat down to Jesus.  The first thing that Jesus said when he saw their faith was, “Son, your sins are forgiven” (v. 5).  Two things are interesting here.  First, it says their faith.  I assume that the paralytic himself had faith, but it was the faith of his friends that also helped this man receive salvation.  They were the ones who brought him to Jesus.  Who are we bringing to Jesus?  Second, though the man’s problem was physical paralysis and that is why his friends brought him to Jesus, Jesus’ first words were not, “You are healed,” but “Your sins are forgiven.”  He addressed the sin problem before he dealt with the physical problem.  Again this shows that spiritual healing is more important and urgent than physical healing.  However, in this case the two went together.  Jesus healed his soul and his body.  To prove that he as the Son of Man had authority on earth to forgive sins, he told the man to take up his mat and walk.  And he did.  He was completely healed of his paralysis.  Even today God can heal us both spiritually and physically.  The miracles of the Lord have not vanished from the earth. 


            I’d like to end this brief article by telling how I was spiritually healed.  As a young man in middle school, I began to experiment with drugs and alcohol.  I eventually became addicted to marijuana.  At times I would also snort cocaine and abuse pills such as valium and xanax.  I even took acid on a few occasions.  I am not proud of this, and at times it’s hard to imagine that I used to do these things.  But I did.  I was in bondage to my addiction.  I could not imagine living life without some sort of drug.  I needed them to make me feel happy or at rest.  But thank God that I was healed spiritually through Jesus Christ.  When I received Christ as my Lord and Savior, he took away all my desire for drugs and alcohol.  I realize it doesn’t always happen this suddenly or dramatically in everyone’s life, but it did in mine.  I guess the Lord knew how weak I was and that I needed a full, immediate deliverance to overcome.  But by his mercy he granted me just that.  Now I am happy and content in Jesus and don’t need a drug to make life bearable or enjoyable.  I have the Lord, and that’s what really matters. 


            What God did for me, he can do for you.  Whatever spiritual problem you are facing, Jesus can help you.  He bore our sins on the cross so that we could be healed from our sins and begin to live a holy, righteous life.  Sin is powerful and some temptations seem almost irresistible.  When we have lived a certain way for a long time, it’s hard to change.  But that’s why we need the cross.  If I could save myself or heal myself spiritually, I wouldn’t need Jesus.  His death would have been in vain.  But I do need the cross, and so do you.  We all do.  The power of Jesus’ death can heal us from any sin-addiction that we have and enable us to live a holy life for God’s glory.  This is the power of the gospel, and this is the gospel that we should proclaim. 


                                         Pastor Mark









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