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Current Sermon Series:

The Holy Spirit

May 31st: "The Work of the Spirit"

Read: John 3:5 16:7-11.  Please join us at 10:45 AM.

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The Deity of the Spirit


            There is a lot of confusion today about who the Holy Spirit is.  Some people speak of him as if he were a spiritual force or simply a thing.  But the Spirit is much more than this.  It’s important to understand who the Spirit is if we are going to know what he wants to do in our lives.  Today I want to talk about the deity of the Spirit.  I want to point out how the Holy Spirit is a person, he is a divine person, and in fact he is the third person of the Trinity. 


            The Holy Spirit is a person.  When we say that the Holy Spirit is a person, we are saying that he is not a force or a thing or simply an attribute of God.  The Holy Spirit is a person.  Though one in essence, purpose, and power with God the Father and God the Son, he is also distinct from them.  As Thomas Oden points out, “The Holy Spirit is not merely a quality or attribute or emanation of God, but rather a distinct person within the Godhead” (Life in the Spirit, 21).  The Holy Spirit has the characteristics of personality.  Here are a few examples.  The Holy Spirit can be grieved, and thus has emotion (see Eph 4.30).  The Holy Spirit makes decisions and communicates those decisions to us (see Acts 13.2; 20.28).  The Holy Spirit prays in and through us (see Rom 8.26-27; Gal 4.6).  The Holy Spirit can be lied to (see Acts 5.3).  You can’t lie to a force or to energy, but you can lie to a person.  As you can see, the Holy Spirit is a person.


            The Holy Spirit is a divine person.  The Holy Spirit is divine; along with the Father and the Son, he possesses full deity.  As St. Augustine stated, “God does not give a Gift inferior to Himself.”  He is called the Spirit of God, which shows not only that he comes from God but that he is God himself.  He possesses divine attributes.  He is eternal (see Heb 9.14).  He is omnipresent (see Ps 139.7).  He is omniscient (see 1 Cor 2.10-11).  He is omnipotent (Luke 1.35, 37).  If the Holy Spirit can enable a virgin to conceive and to conceive the Son of God at that, then the Holy Spirit can do anything.  He is omnipotent and divine.  The Bible says that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the temple of God because to have the Holy Spirit in our lives is to have God in our lives (see 1 Cor 3.16; 6.19).  In Acts 5.3-4, we see that to lie to the Holy Spirit is to lie to God.  One other thing I’ll point out about the divinity of the Spirit, and that is he does what only God can do.  Let me give you just one example: regeneration.  Only God can regenerate or give new spiritual life, and that is what the Holy Spirit does (see John 3.5; Tit 3.5).  There is no salvation without the Holy Spirit.  This could only be true if he is God himself.


            The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.  The Holy Spirit is a person; he is a divine person.  He is in fact the third person of the Trinity.  As Christians, we believe in one God revealed in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  This is the teaching of Scripture and the teaching of the historic church.  When we affirm our faith in Christ, we are affirming our belief in the Trinity.  This is because Christ means “Anointed One,” and it was the Father who anointed the Son with the Holy Spirit (see Luke 4.18; Acts 10.38).  We affirm the Trinity in baptism, in benediction, and in prayer (see Matt 28.19; 2 Cor 13.14; Eph 2.18).  He is called the third person of the Trinity, but he is the first person in terms of the one we meet in coming to salvation.  It is the Spirit who draws us to Christ and through Christ to the Father.  Irenaeus rightly stated, “Through the Spirit we rise to the Son; through the Son we rise to the Father.”  Do you know the Spirit?  Do you know the Son and the Father through the Spirit?  If not, why not receive the Spirit today and be saved? 

                                         Pastor Mark









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