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LARCHMONT HAPPENINGS:                              

    Celebrating 78 Years Of Ministry      

To God Be The Glory


Current Sermon Series: "Good News For All People"

This Weeks' Message:  "Justified By Faith"

Read Romans 3:21-31.


Our new Music Minister, Leland Parks, has begun

his ministry.  Join us for uplifting praise and worship.

Our new Children's Minister, Jenny Jackson, has begun

her ministry "His Kids".  Bring your children to children's

church for worship, learning and fun.

Our new youth ministry: "youth 4 Him" has begun.

They will meet each Monday at 7 PM for grades 7 thru 12.  Michael Morris is the leader.  Join them for Bible study, field trips, sharing the love of God and possibly a sports team. 


Each Tuesday -  Prayer meeting in the chapel at 9:00 AM.

Exercise Class on Wednesdays at 1:30 PM. For men and women of all ages.  Handicapped accessible. 

Each Saturday - Men's Bible Study at 9:00 AM

Third Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM - The Food Pantry is open to all who are in need.




Hallowed Be Your Name


            The first petition in the Lord’s Prayer is “Hallowed be your name.”  To hallow God’s name means to treat his name as holy, to respect and honor his name.  Unfortunately, a lot of people today do not honor God’s name.  His name is used flippantly in speech or even as a curse word.  Yet, the third commandment says, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God” (Exod 20.7).  Instead of misusing the Lord’s name, we should hold it in the highest esteem.   


            One of the ways we can honor God’s name is by living a holy life.  Nothing dishonors God more than when we profess to know him and yet continue to live in sin.  Speaking of the hypocrisy of certain Jews, Paul said, “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you” (Rom 2.24).  To blaspheme God’s name is the opposite of hallowing his name.  People slander and speak evil of God’s name when we as Christians fail to live holy lives.  Of course, God’s name itself cannot be tarnished, but his reputation among unbelievers can be.  Believe it or not, people judge God based on how we live as Christians.  We may be the only Bible some people ever read.    


          Now it’s interesting how this prayer begins.  We may be tempted to go immediately into our needs or wants in prayer, yet Jesus taught us to first pray about God’s name.  All our prayers should be thoroughly God-centered and God-saturated.  We don’t pray simply to get what we want from God.  We pray to get in touch with God and to advance his glory in the world.  Our prayers should be motivated by a deep desire for God to be known and worshiped throughout the earth, that every tongue, tribe, and nation would honor the name of the Lord.  When we pray for God’s name to be hallowed, we are praying a missionary’s prayer.  We are praying for God’s name to be known and respected around the world. 


         When is the last time you prayed for God’s name to be hallowed?  Are you passionate about the name of the Lord?  Does it bother you when someone takes his name in vain?  Once a friend of mine shared how he confronted a lady after hearing her repeatedly take God’s name in vain.  He told her that he didn’t appreciate her talking that way about his Savior.  That simple rebuke eventually led to her conversion.  She was so struck by what she had done that she got under conviction and later repented of her sin and was baptized.  Today she honors the Lord’s name and no longer takes it in vain.  That’s what can happen when we pray that simple prayer, “Hallowed be your name.” 


                                  Pastor Mark










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